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Learn exactly how to use a blog to grow traffic, convert readers into customers, and make money online!

wait... isn't blogging in 2021 dead?!

I hear this all the time! People say things like,
"... blogging is so 2015. You need to be on Instagram!"
"... blogging is WAY too competitive to start now."

"... you can't make money blogging anymore unless you talk about blogging."

This is totally NOT true! Blogging in 2021 is still an incredible way to build your online business (yup, in ANY niche!)

But the question is... should you start a blog?
➡️ Well, do any of these sound familiar?

You know you need to be building your audience, but you don’t have a consistent + reliable way to bring new people into your world and convert them into customers.

You want to grow an online business doing what you love. You’re passionate about a topic but you’re not sure how to turn it into a business and actually make money.

You need more sales for your online service business or eCommerce store. Ads are costing a small fortune and you want an organic strategy that runs on autopilot.

how do i know...?

I spent 3 years blogging with ZERO results. Yup, I was stuck on the content hamsterwheel and hating every second of it!

I kept telling myself that blogging takes time and it’s totally normal to still be broke after 3 years (newsflash: it’s NOT normal!).

👉🏿 I thought blogging was about quantity over quality,
👉 I was writing what I wanted to read, NOT what my audience was searching for,
👉🏿 I had no idea what “SEO” even meant let alone how to start implementing it,
👉 I wasn’t focused on building my audience so I had NO email list.

Finally in 2018, I cracked the blogging “code” (if that’s even a thing)

💸 I learned how to generate targeted traffic ready to buy,

💸 I focused on filling my email list with people interested in what I had to sell,

💸 I figured out how to create content that makes sales on autopilot.

What happened? My blog finally became a full-time business…


why do so many new blogs fail?

Too many bloggers treat their blog like a relatonship-building platform instead of the traffic-generating powerhouse it should be!

It’s not their fault. There’s a lot of “bad” blogging advice out there.

“… write about anything you feel like”
“… don’t sell right away because you’ll turn your readers off”
“… your blog will only be successful if you write blog posts consistently”
“… you need to use social media to grow your blog traffic”

Sure, this works for hobby bloggers, but if you want to build a 5 or 6-figure blogging business, this advice is totally outdated!

I know what you're thinking...

There are literally a GAZILLION “how to start a blog” articles, courses, and workshops and out there- how do you know what advice to take? Who’s “right”?

Well, it depends on your blogging strategy!

👉🏿 Want to sell your own products + services? You need to niche WAY down!
👉 Want to make all your money from display ads and traffic? Get more broad!
👉🏿 Want to build a brand and grow an audience? You should focus on an email list!

The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to business. But when it comes to 1. getting traffic and 2. making money online, there are some really specific strategies that work for EVERY niche!

You need to set your blog up for success from the beginning!

I use the exact same framework for EVERY new blog I start. Wanna know what it is?


YES! You Need a blog

The ultimate course to teach you how to start & grow a blog that brings in readers, subscribers, customers, and INCOME! Build an incredible blogging business and use your blog to make more sales from your online products & services.

Here's what you'll get

As soon as you enroll...

➡️ You’ll get instant access to the blog foundation blueprint which walks you through everything you need to know to set up a successful blog.

➡️ YES! You Need a Blog is being taught LIVE (with blog coaching) starting on February 1st, 2020, so you’ll get acess to all the lessons, bonuses, workbooks, and coaching as we go.

and check out these bonuses!

the blogging email kit

Not sure what to send to your subscribers? Get instant access to my copy + paste email templates for your welcome emails, launch sequence, and nurture content.

simple sales funnel training

Sales funnels can feel daunting, especially for new bloggers! I'll show you SUPER simple sales funnels you can use on your new blog to start making money quickly and easily.

6-weeks of blog coaching

This round of YES! You Need a Blog includes private group coaching in the course Facebook group. Ask me anything you want about your blog strategy!

PLUS, you're getting the ENTIRE Pinterest Decoded course!

Learn the exact strategies that bring me THOUSANDS of pageviews every month

Create a pinning strategy WITHOUT Tailwind (yup, all manual pinning!)

Ready to grow a profitable blogging biz?

Learn the right strategies to grow your blog (and your income!) quickly.
HURRY! Doors close January 29th at 11:50pm!




We start with an SEO strategy because it lays the foundation for your entire blogging business! We’ll look at how to research keywords, how to structure your blog categories, and how to boost your page rankings quickly.


It’s not enough to think of a topic and start writing (there’s SO much more that goes into converting content!). I’ll show you how to plan blog posts, write for user intent, and create a call to action on your post that gets clicks, shares, and sales!


If you’re thinking about building a personal brand or selling products + services, an email list is non-negotiable! We’ll look at how to build up a list of engaged subscribers who will be lining up to buy your products again and again!


No two blogs are the same, which means no two income strategies can be the same either! I’ll show you how to find the best monetization straegy for YOU, how to crate a content plan around it, and how to attract an audience who’s actually ready to buy.


Selling your own products and services is the fastest (and most lucrative) way to make money from a blog. We’ll look at how to create, launch and sell your products, and we’ll create simple sales funnels that will continue making money on autopilot!


Traffic is CRUCIAL! In week 6, I’m breaking down important traffic tips, tricks and strategies you need to know. We’ll also do a deep dive into Pinterest and how you can use the platform to skyrocket your pageviews in only a few short months (even if you’re new to blogging!).

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Melissa Houston | Entrepreneur + Finance Coach

I had been blogging for a few months before working with Liz.  I learned so much in this course!  Each module was jam packed with valuable information that I wish I had known before I started blogging.  The SEO and Pinterest modules are invaluable!!!  I started implementing Liz’s tips immediately.

I am very happy that I chose to invest in this course.  I had no idea that I could make money off my blog, and could expect such high organic traffic numbers.  
Liz gives tons of valuable nuggets of information in each lesson of each module. This is one of the best online courses I’ve invested in – and I’ve taken a lot of courses!  🙂

Hey, Intro Yourself here

My name is Liz and I’m a blogger, course creator, and serial entrepreneur. I started my first blog back in 2015, and from then on, I was hooked!

When I started blogging, I didn’t know ANYTHING about web design, content creation, or making money online. It took me THREE years (and a lot of failed blogs) to finally figure out exactly how to start and scale a profitable blogging business.

Now, I teach other online entrepreneurs how they can use a blog to grow traffic and make money online (and no, it doesn’t have to take years!).

One-Time Payment

Best Value
$ 295
  • The entire YES! You Need a Blog Framework taught LIVE (starts Feb. 1st 2020) ($595 value)
  • BONUS: The Blog Email Kit with done-for-you email templates ($95 value)
  • BONUS: Six weeks of LIVE group coaching with access to support in the Facebook community ($995 value)
  • BONUS: Simple sales funnel training for bloggers make money on autopilot ($195 value)
  • BONUS: Access to the ENTIRE Pinterest Decoded course ($295 value)

Payment Plan

Most Affordable
$ 175
USD x2 months
  • The entire YES! You Need a Blog Framework taught LIVE (starts Feb. 1st 2020) ($595 value)
  • BONUS: The Blog Email Kit with done-for-you email templates ($95 value)
  • BONUS: Six weeks of LIVE group coaching with access to support in the Facebook community ($995 value)
  • BONUS: Simple sales funnel training for bloggers make money on autopilot ($195 value)
  • BONUS: Access to the ENTIRE Pinterest Decoded course ($295 value)

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! You Need a Blog is taught through a series of video lessons, wrtten text, workbooks, and live weekly group coaching. You’ll have access to me (Liz) in the Facebook group Monday-Friday to get help with your blogging questions!

Because we’re going through the course live, the content for weeks 1-6 will be released weekly.

As soon as you enroll, you’ll get instant access to the Blog Foundation Framework which is everything you need to choose a profitable niche, set up your blog, and create all your most important pages.

The course actually begins on February 1st, 2020 and we’ll be going through each week live together.

You can pay in full for $295 or you can pay $175 over 2 months.

All prices are in USD and we accept all major credit cards.

Totally! You’ll have instant access to all the blog setup details as soon as you enroll so you’ll know exactly how to choose a profitable niche and get your blog up and running.

After that, you’ll be ready for blog coaching and the live course on February 1st.

We cover both beginner andadvanced strategies throughout the course, but you’ll have direct access to me to ask any questions you have about the material!

Absolutely! We talk all about specific strategies to make money blogging. If you’re not seeing the income you want and not able to boost your blog traffic, this program would be great for you.

If you’re already making consistent 5 or 6-figure income your blogging business, it may not be a good fit.

Totally! If you’re not happy with the course, you have 14 days to refund it- no questions asked! Please note, you will lose access to the mateiral and group coaching.

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Build a blogging business you LOVE, grow your audience, and make more money online. Ready?




Make money blogging in 2021

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