Start and grow your money-making blogging business!

Without having to be all over social media, writing 1000 blog posts, and staying stuck on the dreaded content hamster wheel!

Blogging is SO dead!

I hear this all the time! People say things like:

“… blogging is so 2015. You need to be on Clubhouse and Instagram!”
“… blogging is WAY too competitive to get started now.”
“… you can’t make money blogging unless you talk about blogging.”


This is totally NOT true!


Blogging in 2021 is still an incredible way to build your online business (yup, in ANY niche!)


But the question is… should you start a blog?

Well, do any of these sound familiar?


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Tell me, do any of these sound familiar?

➡️ You know you need to be building your audience, but you don’t have a consistent + reliable way to bring new people into your world and convert them into customers.

➡️ You want to grow an online business doing what you love. You’re passionate about a topic but you’re not sure how to turn it into a business and actually make money.

➡️ You need more sales for your online service business or e-commerce store. Ads are costing a small fortune and you want an organic strategy that runs on autopilot.

I’ve been there!

I spent THREE years blogging with ZERO income to show for it...

Yup, I was stuck on the content hamster wheel and hating every second of it!


I kept telling myself that blogging takes time and it’s totally normal to still be broke after 3 years (newsflash: it’s NOT normal!).


X I thought blogging was about quantity over quality,
X I was writing what I wanted to read, NOT what my audience was searching for,
X I had no idea what “SEO” even meant let alone how to start implementing it,
X I wasn’t focused on building my audience so I had NO email list.


It was pretty brutal!

But in 2018, I finally cracked the blogging “code” and had my first $50k+ year!


💸 I learned how to generate targeted traffic ready to buy,

💸 I focused on filling my email list with people interested in what I had to sell,

💸 I figured out how to create content that makes sales on autopilot.



What happened? My blog became a full-time business…



How do you succeed in 2021?

There are literally a GAZILLION “how to start a blog” articles, courses, and workshops and out there- how do you know what advice to take? Who’s “right”?


Well, it depends on your blogging strategy!


👉🏿 Want to sell your own products + services? You need to niche WAY down!

👉 Want to make all your money from display ads and traffic? Get more broad!

👉🏿 Want to build a brand and grow an audience? You should focus on an email list!


The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to your blogging business.


But when it comes to 1. getting traffic and 2. making money online, there are some really specific strategies that work for EVERY niche! You need to set your blog up for success from the beginning!

I use the exact same framework for EVERY new blog I start. Wanna know what it is?


YES! You Need a Blog


The ultimate course to teach you how to start & grow a blog that brings in readers, subscribers, customers, and INCOME! Build an incredible blogging business and use your blog to make more sales from your online products & services.


Here’s what you’re getting…


➡️ The entire 3-month YES! You Need a Blog framework to go from idea to profitable blogging biz. This is the EXACT strategy I use to grow my blogs and generate leads for my online business!


➡️ The Blog Traffic Blueprint so you understand exactly how to use SEO to rank your blog posts and boost traffic quickly. We’ll also go in-depth with the BEST Pinterest strategies for 2021!


➡️ The Blog Sales Blueprint to learn how to sell products, launch offers, use ads, and convert readers into loyal customers. We’ll look at how to sell affiliate products AND how to launch your own services + programs.


➡️ The Email Marketing Blueprint to help you grow an engaged email list of fans who are always ready to buy your offers!


the intro


The course introduction is all about building your blogging foundation.


In these modules, you’ll learn exactly how to:


✔️ choose a profitable niche and set up your brand new blogging site with a strong foundation,
✔️ structure your categories + content in a way that makes your readers AND Google happy, and
✔️ create your 12-month blogging monetization strategy.

module one


We start with an SEO strategy because it lays the foundation for your entire blogging business! 


We’ll look at how to:


✔️ research and identify keywords that your new blog has the potential to rank for,

✔️ understand the difference between short-term and long-term SEO strategies,
✔️ structure your blog content + categories to be super SEO (and reader) friendly, and
✔️ create an SEO strategy called “The Snowball Effect” to your blog’s pageviews quickly.


module two


It’s not enough to think of a topic and start writing (there’s SO much more that goes into converting content!).


I’ll show you how to:

✔️ plan, research, and create outlines that help you write blog posts quickly,
✔️ understand your readers and create content they’ll be excited to read, and
✔️ create content that compels readers to click, share, subscribe, and BUY!

module three


If you’re thinking about building a personal brand or selling products + services, an email list is non-negotiable!


We’ll look at how to:

✔️ create irresistible lead magnets that attract the RIGHT people to build your email list quickly
✔️ Nurture and consistently create valuable content for your audience, and
✔️ sell courses, coaching, services, or affiliate products to your list on autopilot!

module four


No two blogs are the same, which means no two income strategies can be the same either!

I’ll show you how to:

✔️ choose the right display ad networks and prepare your site to get approved,
✔️ find and work with brands for sponsored content and collaborations, and
✔️ find the best affiliate opportunities and create affiliate blog posts that sell products like hotcakes!

module five


Selling your own products and services is the fastest (and most lucrative) way to make money from a blog. 


We’ll look at how to:

✔️ create low-ticket and high-ticket products + services to sell from your blog,
✔️ structure your blog content to build authority and sell your own offers, and
✔️ create simple sales systems from your content that will continue making money on autopilot!

module six


Traffic is absolutely CRUCIAL to the success of any blogging business!


In module 6, we’ll look at:

✔️ simple hacks you can implement immediately to boost blog traffic,
✔️ using social media (and specifically Pinterest!) to grow your blog’s traffic on autopilot, and
✔️ collaborating and building backlinks for mega-exposure, visibility, and authority!

Bonuses? Totally! Check them out 👇

Bloggers Email Kit
$97 value

Pre-written email swipe files with a welcome, launch, and affiliate sequence ready to be customized!

Legal Templates
$197 value

Professionally written privacy policy & terms and conditions templates you can steal for your new blog!

Tripwire Workshop
$97 value

Sell your first digital product with this simple tripwire workshop and step-by-step checklist!

New Blogger’s Kit
$97 value

The ultimate toolkit for new bloggers to grow quickly with checklists, workbooks and affiliate guides.

Pinterest Decoded
$197 value

An entire course giving you a step-by-step Pinterest strategy to BLOW UP your blog clicks + traffic!

Group Blog Coaching
$997 value

Access to our exclusive community for blog coaching, support, and answers to your blogging questions!

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YES! You Need a Blog Investment

As soon as you enrol, you’re getting:


✔️ instant, lifetime access to the entire YES! You Need a Blog self-study program
✔️ instant lifetime access to the Pinterest Decoded course with 30 premade pin templates
✔️ the Blogger’s Email Kit with pre-written welcome, launch, and affiliate email sequences
✔️ legal templates for your blog including a privacy policy and terms + conditions pages
✔️ the New Blogger’s Survival Kit including workbooks, checklists, and affiliate guides
✔️ the Tripwire Workshop to walk you through selling your first simple digital product
✔️ lifetime access to the YYNAB community with group coaching and support

one time payment

$595 $395 USD

payment plan

$150 x 3 months

Zero risk. All the reward.


If you want to grow a wildly successful blogging business, I know you’ll love this course!
But I also know: life happens.


If you buy the course and decide it’s not for you within 5 days of purchasing, we’ll refund your money.

No questions asked!

Liz has patiently guided me from running a business that HAD no plan, no process and absolutely no level of social media and online marketing prowess, to running a business that is NOW streamlined, with targets and well laid out processes. 

– Kristy K.

I was able to find the perfect niche & monetization strategy, I learned how to create and come up with new content, how to get the best out of Pinterest and how to launch my own products in the future!

– Marina S.

I had been blogging for a few months before taking YES! You Need a Blog and I learned so much in this course! Each module was jam packed with valuable information that I wish I had known before I started blogging. 


– Melissa H.

Why is blogging the best strategy?

Untitled design - 2021-05-29T085507.238

Build authority & credibility in your niche

Your blog is a portfolio you can use to build authority and credibility in your industry (and sell more products!)

Untitled design - 2021-05-29T085724.566

Monetize your content for consistent cash flow

You get to monetize your content for additional income through ads, sponsorships and affiliate marketing

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Attract the PERFECT leads for your products

Your blog content will attract a steady flow of incredible clients and customers to your online business

Wondering if YES! You Need a Blog right for you?

This course is for hobby bloggers or anyone who is a newbie and ready to turn their blog into a profitable business. Are you:


✔️ ready to dive into the online space and turn your blog into an income-generating machine?

✔️ excited to learn how you can make money blogging about your passions?

✔️ looking for a step-by-step plan to scale a blog that ACTUALLY makes money on autopilot?

✔️ ready to make money through ads, affiliates, or selling your OWN products and services?

✔️ looking for a way to generate traffic (and buyers) for your course, program, or online business?

Questions about YES! You Need a Blog?


How is the course taught?


YES! You Need a Blog is a self-study course with 70+ video lessons, live trainings, PDF downloads and checklists to help you build your blog from the ground up.


You can go through the course at your own pace! You’ll also have access to me (Liz) in the private Facebook group to ask questions and get help with your individual blogging business!



What happens when I enroll?


As soon as you enroll, you’ll get instant access to EVERYTHING which includes both courses (YES! You Need a Blog and Pinterest Decoded) as well as all the bonus trainings and material!


You’ll automatically be emailed sign in details to access the course portal, and I’ll send you an email with an invitation to our private group coaching community.



Is this course for beginners?


Totally! You’ll have instant access to all the blog setup details as soon as you enroll so you’ll know exactly how to choose a profitable niche and get your blog up and running.


After that, you can dive into SEO and content creation at your own pace!


We cover both beginner and advanced strategies throughout the course, but you’ll have direct access to me to ask any questions you have about the material!



Is the course good for advanced bloggers?


That depends! We talk all about specific strategies to make money blogging from display ads to launching your own products. If you’re not seeing the income and traffic you want in your blogging business, this program would be great for you.


If you’re already making consistent, multiple 5 or 6-figure income your blogging business, it’s probably not a good fit for you.



Do you offer refunds?


Totally! If you’re not happy with the course, you have 5 days to refund it- no questions asked! Please note, if you request a refund, you will lose access to the material and group coaching.


Copy of SSS Mockup Sales Page Graphic Templates (7)

As soon as you enrol, you’re getting:


✔️ instant, lifetime access to the entire YES! You Need a Blog self-study program
✔️ instant lifetime access to the Pinterest Decoded course with 30 premade pin templates
✔️ the Blogger’s Email Kit with pre-written welcome, launch, and affiliate email sequences
✔️ legal templates for your blog including a privacy policy and terms + conditions pages
✔️ the New Blogger’s Survival Kit including workbooks, checklists, and affiliate guides
✔️ the Tripwire Workshop to walk you through selling your first simple digital product
✔️ lifetime access to the YYNAB community with group coaching and support

one time payment

$595 $395 USD

payment plan

$150 x 3 months

As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on several factors including your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. The testimonials and examples used are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.

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