Who SHOULD Start a Blog in 2021 (and who shouldn’t!)

who should start a blog

Hands down, the most common questions I get asked are:

“Who should start a blog?”
“Do I need a blog?”
“Should I start a blog?”

…and other variations of (basically) the same question!

And I totally get it: there are SO many options for starting and building an online business these days. How are you supposed to know what you actually need and what’s just fluff from someone trying to sell a program?

By the way, I DO sell a blogging program which I think is one of the BEST courses out there to teach you how to start, grow, and make money from a blog.

BUT, that doesn’t mean EVERYONE should take the program, and it definitely doesn’t mean everyone who wants to make money blogging will succeed (sorry!).

Because the truth is, even though blogging is one of the absolute best ways to bring organic traffic to your website and/or business, it’s also one of the slowest. It takes patience, consistency and WORK to actually see results. There’s no getting around it!

But here’s what a successful blog actually looks like:

  • Thousands of visitors landing on your site consistently
  • A simple and streamlined process for getting subscribers and building your audience
  • Money while you sleep (yes, I said it!)

And it’s 100% true. The best part about blogging is that after all the hard work is done and your content is written, you’ll start building up more and more traffic.

Time = money in the blogging world, and if you have a solid strategy for creating converting content and selling products + services, you’ll start making that money on autopilot!

Blogging sounds awesome, right? 

Well, let’s talk about when you don’t actually need a blog…

Who shouldn’t start a blog?

Honestly, no one NEEDS a blog to be successful and there are 10 million different online businesses you can start that don’t require blogging!

I’ve worked with people running their business 100% on Instagram WITHOUT a website! I worked with a woman who made her first million only using webinars and she started thinking about adding a blog AFTER hitting that milestone!

So no, you totally don’t need a blog!

And if you’re:
– only interested in hobby blogging and don’t want to grow a blogging biz/monetize
– already having major success with a Podcast or YouTube channel and don’t have time to start a blog, or
– have zero drive to stay consistent and wait it out for results

… then I would probably recommend you don’t start a blog (at least not right now!).

Then who SHOULD start a blog?

Great question!

Let’s look at what a blog can actually do for you. Blogging will:

1. Boost traffic and visibility
2. Build your email list and social following
3. Convert cold traffic into customers and clients
4. Help you make money online
5. Allow you to create unlimited earning potential for yourself

So if you’re someone who needs traffic, sales, and more money, blogging is a GREAT fit!

It’s perfect for selling courses, coaching, digital products, and even ecommerce products through Shopify and Etsy! The whole idea of a blog is to bring new people into your world, give them valuable content, and convert them to subscribers + customers!

A blog is also great even if you DON’T have your own product to sell but you still want to make money online. 

You can create a 6+ figure affiliate strategy selling other people’s products and services!

There are tons of possibility and opportunities a blog can create for you and your business!

If you’re ready to start your new blog this year, start here!

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