Create, launch, and scale a course, program or membership to 6-figures

… without having to be a tech-wizard or use sleazy “bro marketing!”

Growing your business shouldn't feel so overwhelming...

➡️ Should you create a course, a coaching program, or a membership?

➡️ Will your niche even be profitable if you’re not talking about business?

➡️ How many people do you need in your audience before you launch?

➡️ Don’t you need endless content for Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook?

➡️ What if your product launch totally bombs? Should you give up?

➡️ Do you need a funnel? Aren’t funnels complicated and sleazy?

➡️ How can you make sales consistently to stay afloat and quit the 9-5?

➡️ Is it still possible to make 6-figures from digital products?

I’ve been there!

These are the questions that kept me stuck for THREE years...

✖️ I had a BAD case of Shiny Object Syndrome. Before one launch was over, I was already planning the next. I had ZERO focus in my business.


✖️ I studied and tried to copy other successful entrepreneur’s funnels. I didn’t know the core fundamentals of creating a profitable offer and I thought I could “funnel-hack” my way to a sustainable business.


✖️ I focused on all the things that DON’T matter to beginners like creating my logo, redesigning my website 8000 times, and booking personal branding photoshoots for Instagram.


Sound familiar? 👇🏿


module six

Fast forward to today...

and I have the online business of my dreams!


✔️ I create offers my audience LOVES.

✔️ I’m obsessed with launching and seeing those mega cash-injections in my business.

✔️ I have systems and funnels that feel authentic and aligned with my brand.


Best of all? I make sales every 👏🏽 single 👏🏽 day. 👏🏽


It wasn’t until I STOPPED doing all the things I saw other business coaches doing and STARTED selling products I loved in a way that felt good for ME.


Wanna know the best part?


Anyone can create a business that feels fun + exciting AND that makes sales every day! 🎉🎉

Copy of create, launch and scale a money-making offer!

Imagine knowing exactly...

– how to create offers your audience will be lining up to buy,

– how to sell out your launches EVERY time,

– how to create consistent, DAILY income in your business, and

… how to go from overwhelmed and burnt-out to successful (and mega-profitable) business owner!

The Profitable Offer Lab

A 4-week course and group coaching program to help you build, launch and scale one incredible course or program to 6-figures!

✔️ The course to help bloggers, content creators, and coaches take their expertise and turn it into a profitable online course business.


✔️ You’ll get a step-by-step plan to create irresistible offers that sell, build live launch plans, and scale those offers to six-figures using simple and authentic sales funnels + systems.


✔️The Profitable Offer Lab is EVERYTHING you need to start, launch, and scale your online business!

What's included?

step one


The most crucial part of ANY profitable funnel is having an irresistible offer!


Together, we’ll look at:


✔️ how to create an offer that’s completely aligned with you’re audience and their needs,

✔️ how to price your offer, and

✔️ how to validate and test demand BEFORE creating anything.


You’ll learn how to create low-ticket OR high-ticket offers depending on your business strategy and income goals.

step two


So many people jump into funnels and selling on evergreen without testing their offer first.


In The Profitable Offer Lab, we’ll:


✔️ figure out out the best launch strategy for your offers

✔️ use the Sell, Build, Deliver, Scale method to get income coming in BEFORE you spend months creating anything,

✔️ create a content strategy to nurture your audience before AND during your launch,

✔️ build a bulletproof launch plan that will give you a mega cash-injection in your business, and

✔️ deliver an incredible product that gets reviews, testimonials and referrals on autopilot!

step three


Now you have an incredible offer people LOVE and it’s time to build a profitable sales funnel.


You’ll learn how to:


✔️ choose the best type of funnel for your particular offer + price point

✔️ create scarcity and urgency so your audience knows they need to buy  (WITHOUT feeling sleazy or inauthentic)

✔️ build a funnel from start to finish including low-ticket, high-ticket, webinar, email, challenge, etc.

step four


Once everything is in place, it’s time to scale your funnel (and your profit!).


You’ll learn exactly how to:


✔️ understand the numbers so you can clearly pinpoint what’s working (and what’s not),

✔️ tweak, test, and experiment so you can maximize your profits and minimize costs, and

✔️ repeat the process again-and-again every time you decide to launch a new offer!


Wanna know the best part?

You’re getting exclusive access to a high-level of support, guidance and coaching in the private POL community!


That means you’ll have instant feedback and get ALL your questions answered about:

– designing and pricing your new offers to sell like hotcakes

– your messaging including email copy, sales pages, webinars, challenges, etc.

– the best launch strategies for YOUR specific offers (no cookie-cutter approaches here!)

– Facebook ads strategies for growing your audience and making sales

– content marketing strategies including social media + email marketing


PLUS, we’ll be doing weekly Q&A sessions!

pssst, we need to talk

what you've heard about online business is wrong!

MYTH: You can only make money selling a $997 course


TRUTH: Absolutely NOT! You can make money selling a $27 product OR a $5,000 product! In the Profitable Offer Lab, you’ll have trainings for EVERY price point!


MYTH: Sales funnels are complicated and unnecessary for new coaches and creators


TRUTH: A funnel is simply your customer’s journey bottled up into a nice little sales machine. You DON’T need to have fancy software and complicated tech to build your first funnel, and you definitely shouldn’t wait to start implementing funnels in your online business!


MYTH: It takes MONTHS to create a product!


TRUTH: Nope, definitely not! In the Profitable Offer Lab, we recommend the Sell, Build, Deliver, Scale (SBDS) model so you’re testing demand and bringing in income BEFORE spending months creating your offer and HOPING it sells!



MYTH: Once you find a profitable funnel, you can forget about it and just watch the sales roll in!


TRUTH: It’s true that a great funnel will bring in sales on autopilot, but it takes testing, tweaking, and experimenting with your messaging, your offers, your sales page AND having a deep understanding of your numbers! That’s why we offer so much one-on-one support in the Profitable Offer Lab!

Doors close May 23rd at 11:59PM EDT

Copy of SSS Mockup Sales Page Graphic Templates (10)

The Profitable Offer Lab Membership

As soon as you enroll, you’re getting:


✨ Instant access to the course portal with all the lessons you need to create, test, launch and scale your profitable offer ($997 value)

✨ BONUS: Build a high-converting sales page training ($97 value)

✨ BONUS: Pinterest Decoded. An entire course with a step-by-step strategy to help you fill your funnel organically using Pinterest ($97 value)

✨ BONUS: Tripwire training to start selling low-ticket tripwire offers ($97 value)

✨ BONUS: The Ultimate Live Launch Vault to sell out your new offers ($97 value)

✨ Instant access to the Facebook group with live coaching to get ALL of your funnel questions answered! ($997 value)


🎉 Plus you’ll have access to all the NEW funnel trainings added monthly!

Monthly membership fee




Liz has patiently guided me from running a business that HAD no plan, no process and absolutely no level of social media and online marketing prowess, to running a business that is NOW streamlined, with targets and well laid out processes. 

– Kristy K.

I was able to find the perfect niche & monetization strategy, I learned how to create and come up with new content, how to get the best out of Pinterest and how to launch my own products in the future!

– Marina S.

Liz is an amazing person & coach. I first signed up to take her course and was beyond thrilled with the value that it offered. Then I signed up to work with her 1:1. She’s so smart, talented and knows business.

– Melissa H.

Is the Profitable Offer Lab a good fit for you right now?

This membership is for entrepreneurs who are ready to take action and get real results in their business! You’re:


✔️ a blogger, content creator or entrepreneur ready to dive in and build your online business.


✔️ excited to launch a digital course, coaching program, or membership at any price point from $27 – $5000.


✔️ looking for a step-by-step plan to scale your business to 6-figures this year.


✔️ ready to scale using authentic, honest marketing that makes you feel GOOD about the products you’re selling!

You need a strategy that works for YOU

It’s time to stop guessing how to grow and scale a 6-figure online business and start actually doing the things that will:

🌟 create steady, predictable income so you can actually go ALL IN

🌟 sell out your courses, workshops, coaching programs, and memberships

🌟 sell your low-ticket OR high-ticket offers EVERY DARN DAY on autopilot!

🌟 allow you to create (almost!) passive income while you focus on serving your amazing clients and customers

🌟 generate a steady and predictable flow of new customers, clients, and income!

The Profitable Offer Lab is NOT...

✖️ a bunch of mini masterclasses that don’t really help you move the needle in your business


✖️ a membership full of experts trying to upsell you into a higher-level product


✖️ a “nice-to-have” little membership that ends up collecting dust and never getting opened

The Profitable Offer Lab IS...

✔️ a one-stop-shop with all the training and actionable advice you need to grow your business


✔️ a high-touch coaching/membership hybrid to give you LOADS of 1:1 support and advice


✔️ the ultimate offer-building and scaling program to grow your business to 6-figures

The answers to your Profitable Offer Lab questions

What happens when I enroll?


As soon as you enroll, you’ll be given instant access to the membership content and course material walking you through the step-by-step process to create, launch and scale your funnel. You’ll also be given access to the private Facebook group for all the group coaching sessions and Q&A!


Why is this set up as a membership?


Good question! Building a profitable funnel requires time to test and tweak every aspect of your offer! Having a step-by-step guide along with high-level group coaching allows you to get your questions answered, bounce ideas off your peers and troubleshoot your funnel if you run into any problems!


After working with hundreds of students and clients in my online programs and building several profitable funnels, I know how valuable coaching and ongoing mentorship is!


What types of products does The Funnel Lab work for?


The Funnel Lab will help you set up funnels for low ($9-$99), medium ($100-$999) or high-ticket ($1000+) offers! We have different trainings for offers at different price points.


The best offers are: digital goods (printables, planners,etc.), courses, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, masterminds, mini-courses, workshops, any any other online program you create. 


What if I don’t have a product yet?


No problem! The Funnel Lab has trainings to walk you through creating, launching and testing your offer. In fact, I recommend doing this BEFORE jumping into setting up your funnel.  


When are the group coaching sessions?


The coaching sessions will be every Tuesday at 11AM EDT. All sessions will be recorded and available in the Facebook group. I’ll be available in the Facebook group 5 days a week (and often more!) to troubleshoot your funnel and answer any questions you have :).


Do I need special programs or tech?


To set up your funnel, you’ll need a sales page (any website builder), a way to deliver the product (course platform, email software, etc.) and a way to accept payments. Depending on the type of offer you want to create, you may need additional tools to launch or deliver the product to your customers.

We have recommendations, but you can choose to build your funnel the way you want!


What is your refund policy?


We don’t offer refunds for any months paid for the membership but you can cancel at ANY time! There are no commitments or contracts. Stay for one month, 6 months, OR for an entire year!


I’m not locked into a contract?


Nope! You’re free to cancel your membership anytime. In fact, once you get your funnel up and running (and profitable!) you probably won’t need us anymore!


How does the billing work?


Every month, you’ll be billed $97 for your membership which gives you access to the course material in the portal as well as all the Facebook trainings and coaching. 


I have more questions!


No problem! Send me an email at hi@lizstpierre with any questions you have about The Funnel Lab!




Doors close May 23rd at 11:59PM EDT


✨ Instant access to the course portal with all the lessons you need to create, launch and scale your profitable offer ($997 value)

✨ BONUS: Build a high-converting sales page training ($97 value)

✨ BONUS: A step-by-step strategy to help you fill your funnel organically using Pinterest ($97 value)

✨ BONUS: Sell offers with a tripwire training ($97 value)

✨ BONUS: Live Launch Kit to sell out your new offers ($97 value)

✨ Instant access to the Facebook group with live coaching to get ALL of your funnel questions answered! ($997 value)

🎉 Access to all the NEW funnel trainings added monthly!

Monthly membership fee




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