Create a course or program that generates consistent cash flow on autopilot!

🚀 For bloggers and content creators who want to learn how to scale a course or group program from $0 to six figures using authentic sales systems.

This training is a MUST if:

👉 you know you want to create a course or group program, but you have NO idea how to launch it, let alone bring in consistent sales every day


👉🏽 you’re feeling overwhelmed and you can’t decide between low-ticket vs. high-ticket offers, a course vs. membership, or launching vs. evergreen


 👉🏿 you’ve heard about sales funnels but they seem overly complicated or confusing and you’re not sure if you actually need one in your business


👉 you have an offer already but sales are totally random and, when you’re not launching, it’s feast or famine mode!


👉🏿 you’re tired of hearing crickets and making ZERO sales in your online business and you KNOW there’s a better way…

⚠️ You want a simple sales system that generates income every single day (yup, it CAN happen!)

By the end of this workshop, you'll know:

How to create an offer your audience will be lining up and SO excited to buy (plus, how to choose between high-ticket, low-ticket, or a membership!).

Exactly WHAT it means to make sales on autopilot and the best type of sales system to build to bring in consistent income for YOUR business!


The biggest mistakes coaches and course creators make when creating a sales system and why they end up losing tons of money (OR making zero sales!).

A simple 4-step strategy along with a list of must-have tools you need to create, launch, and scale a profitable course, coaching program, or membership!

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