The Pinterest Experiment That Lost Me 200,000 Monthly Views (in 2 weeks!)

pinterest marketing experiment

I wish it wasn’t true, but my Pinterest reach TANKED over the last month! I was definitely surprised, but to be honest, I wasn’t too upset about it.

Actually, I was happy! It means I’d figured out a HUGE part of the Pinterest algorithm and really narrowed down what it takes to be successful on the platform.

I’ve worked with Pinterest for a long time and used it to bring in thousands of visitors to my blogs, but I always wondered:

what is the ONE most important step in growing a successful Pinterest profile?

Back in April, I launched my Pinterest management services to help other people grow their Pinterest accounts and drive traffic to their website.

Of course, I always want to give my clients the absolute BEST service, so I can’t guess what works when it comes to Pinterest marketing.

I realized I needed to know what ACTUALLY works and what doesn’t so I can grow some mega profiles and increase organic reach quickly.

So, this blog has basically become my Pinterest testing zone. I use it to test out different marketing strategies and experiment with new ideas to grow my reach (as you’ll see, some work out better than others!)

Whatever I learn on this blog, I can use on all my others, and use it to help my clients grow THEIR accounts.

Back in December 2018, I had taken a small break from blogging and I didn’t have ANY new content to share. I wasn’t posting on Pinterest and I was letting my beautiful Tailwind account go to waste!

My monthly reach on Pinterest looked something like this…

Pretty abysmal!

I slowly started creating more content and becoming more active on Pinterest, and in March, I decided to do 30 days of my super-intensive Pinterest marketing plan. If you haven’t read about it already, my plan was basically this:

  • Be consistent: schedule posts through Tailwind EVERY day
  • Manual pinning: stay active on Pinterest by doing 10-15 pins manually each day
  • Engage with other users through comments
  • Leave under-performing group boards
  • Delete under-performing pins
  • Post NEW content from my blog every 1-2 days

It’s definitely a lot of work, but for all my fellow bloggers out there, you know it’s TOTALLY worth it!

After 30 days, my Pinterest views jumped from 270,000 to 573,000!

I had finally figured out the ultimate strategy for growing my Pinterest profile! BUT, it was a lot of work…

And because it was so much work, I knew I would have days (or even weeks) when I wouldn’t be able to do everything consistently.

So I decided to start my Pinterest experiment…

I told myself I would use process of elimination to find the single most important step in the Pinterest marketing strategy. I would take 2 steps at a time and stop doing them for 30 days. After 3 months, I should be able to tell which steps in my marketing plan were the most important!

For my first month, I decided to start by eliminating:
– being active on Pinterest daily, and
– pinning my own fresh content every 1-2 days

I still scheduled through Tailwind once a week from Pinterest and my tribes, I still analyzed my group boards every week, and I deleted any pins that weren’t getting repins.

The only thing I did differently for 30 days is that I didn’t pin any new content AND I only logged onto Pinterest about once a week.

So, what happened?

Brace yourselves: it’s brutal!

My monthly Pinterest views dropped 200,000 in LESS than 30 days!  EEK.

My monthly views took a HUGE nosedive after I stopped posting content!

I told myself I would stick with it for the full 30 days (as painful as it was!) and I’m so glad I did!

It’s obvious how much Pinterest appreciates pinners who actually stay engaged and USE the platform consistently.

So if you only have time for 2 or 3 things to build your Pinterest profile, make sure you’re sharing new content at LEAST 2-3 times a week and that you’re actually logging onto the platform and pinning. Pinterest will love you for it!

Any other Pinterest marketing tips to share? Please comment below! 🙂

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