You, me, and a mega profitable funnel

For content creators who want to map out a profitable sales funnel for a course, coaching program, or low-ticket offer in ONE day!

I know you’re seeing coaches talk about 5-figure months or 6-figure sales from a $37 product and you’re thinking… “how the HECK are they doing it?!”

It’s hard enough creating your product let alone: 

✖️ growing an email list, 

✖️ posting on Instagram (don’t forget reels), 

✖️ learning how TikTok works, 

✖️ going live on Facebook, 

✖️ finishing your weekly blog post, and

✖️ finding your way around Clubhouse.


Trust me, I’ve been there.


I jumped from platform to platform hoping to find the “magic formula” that would
bring me these 5-figure months everybody was talking about!


I seriously thought there was a secret EVERY successful entrepreneur knew that I didn’t…

And I made all the classic solopreneur mistakes:


➡️ If one product didn’t sell right away, I would scrap it and try selling another one

➡️ I was trying to show up everywhere and being HELLA inconsistent 

➡️ I went with my gut and never tested anything properly

➡️ I spent OVER $10,000 on courses and coaching programs that all told me different things

➡️ I gave up WAY too soon on SO many coaching offers and product ideas


Until one day I got tired of being stuck 👇

I hit the end of my “business” runway…

I ran out of the time and money to keep GUESSING.

That’s when my first funnel was born!


I spent MONTHS testing, and tinkering with my funnel until I finally figured out what WORKED.

I was selling my course every single day. On autopilot. 💸


And then I did it again with a $37 course. And again.


And I became OBSESSED with seeing notifications like this…


Sound too good to be true?

The truth is, ANYONE can have a profitable funnel with the right offer and the right strategy to sell it! 


Let me walk you through EVERYTHING you need to build a profitable sales funnel step-by-step so you can get paid every 👏🏿 single 👏🏿 day! 👏🏿


❌ No more Googling “how to sell an online course” and getting overwhelmed 

❌ No 8000-module courses teaching you WAY more (or less!) than you need

❌ No long term memberships that you never end up using

❌ No 3-month coaching packages teaching you mindset without strategy

❌ No more wasting time and money GUESSING


Just you + me + your profitable funnel mapped out in ONE day!

step one

the intake

As soon as you book your VIP day, you’ll be sent a questionnaire to fill out where you can tell me ALL the details about your business and the goals for your funnel. We’ll exchange a few emails so I can learn more about your and get prepared for our special day!

step two

the day

On your VIP day, we’ll have a 2-hour call, followed by a 1-hour break before hopping on a second 2-hour call. During this time we’ll be strategizing, planning, and mapping out your funnel from the ground up. This is where the magic happens!

step three

the follow up

After we’re all done and you have your funnel strategy mapped out, you’ll have 7-day email access to ask any extra questions you have about setting up and getting your funnel up and running!

Sound amazing? Book your VIP day!

You’re getting:
💸 A 4-hour one-on-one strategy session to map out your ENTIRE funnel step-by-step
💸 All the templates, tech guides, and tutorials you need to get your funnel up and running
💸 7 days of email support AFTER your VIP day to get your extra questions answered

You’ll leave your VIP day with crystal-clarity on:

⭐ What type of product you’re launching (and when!)

⭐ The exact funnel you need to create to sell your product effectively

⭐ All the tools you need to get started

⭐ How to build your audience and fill your funnel with leads

⭐ A step-by-step plan get everything set up and implemented

⭐ How to create your sales page (and converting copy!)

⭐ How to design your new funnel and link all the tech together (WITH templates)

⭐ How to test, tweak, and improve your funnel

⭐ A specific paid ads strategy including audience suggestions

⭐ A content strategy to continue nurturing your audience and make them buyers!

*two are left spots available for May 2021

By the way, we can create ANY funnel:

✔️ Launch funnel

✔️ Evergreen funnel

✔️ High-ticket coaching funnel

✔️ Course funnel

✔️ Low-ticket funnel

✔️ Membership funnel

✔️ Service-based funnel

Liz has patiently guided me from running a business that HAD no plan, no process and absolutely no level of social media and online marketing prowess, to running a business that is NOW streamlined, with targets and well laid out processes. 

– Kristy K.

I was able to find the perfect niche & monetization strategy, I learned how to create and come up with new content, how to get the best out of Pinterest and how to launch my own products in the future!

– Marina S.

Liz is an amazing person & coach. I first signed up to take her course and was beyond thrilled with the value that it offered. Then I signed up to work with her 1:1. She’s so smart, talented and knows business.

– Melissa H.

Questions about The VIP Day?


What will our day look like?


We’ll have a 4-hour zoom call (with a 1-hour break) planning out your ENTIRE offer, launch, and sales funnel from start to finish. We’ll dive deep into messaging, lead generation, content plans, launch content, ad strategies, and evergreen funnel systems to continue making sales on autopilot. 


This VIP day ISN’T for the faint of heart!


YES it’s all about you and your business dreams, but your time is valuable and I want you to leave with a CLEAR strategy to launch and scale your online offer!


We’re going to get MONTHS worth of work done in a single day. Yup, your VIP day is THAT powerful.


After our time together, I’ll prepare a detailed step-by-step plan with everything we’ve discussed and send it out to you within 24 hours.


What types of products does this work for?


I can help you set up funnels for low ($9-$99), medium ($100-$999) or high-ticket ($1000+) offers! 


The best offers are: digital goods (printables, planners,etc.), courses, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, masterminds, mini-courses, workshops, any other online program you create. 


What if I don’t have a product yet?


No problem! I can walk you through a simple method to create an offer and get it to market quickly. We’ll create a plan to launch, test, and tweak your offer to make your funnel even MORE profitable. In fact, I recommend doing this BEFORE jumping into setting up your funnel.  


Do I need special programs or tech?


To set up your funnel, you’ll need a sales page (any website builder), a way to deliver the product (course platform, email software, etc.) and a way to accept payments. Depending on the type of offer you want to create, you may need additional tools to launch or deliver the product to your customers.


I have recommendations, but you can choose to build your funnel the way you want! 


How does the billing work?


The investment for your VIP day is $995 USD. Payment is due in full to secure your spot.


Please note, there are no refunds offered on VIP days so make sure you’re 100% ready to book your one-on-one intensive! 


What if something comes up and I have to cancel?


If you’re not able to make it for your VIP Day, please reschedule at least 48 hours in advance. Clients are only permitted to reschedule one time. 


Anyone who does not show up for their VIP Day and does not reschedule at least 48 hours in advance will not be eligible to book another call.


I have more questions!


No problem! Send me an email at hi@lizstpierre and we can chat!




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