50 Blog Niche Ideas That Will Make You Want to Start Blogging TODAY!

niche ideas for bloggers

Do you want to start a blog but you’re not sure WHAT the heck to blog about? Do you need some blog niche ideas to get the wheels turning?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You should absolutely start a blog and I have an in depth guide on it here.

Are you wondering how much you can make as a blogger? I have a list of income reports from bloggers in different niches that will totally motivate you!

Choosing the right blogging niche is CRITICAL when you decide to start your blog.


Well, for starters, building a blog takes time. Lots of time!! If you’re blogging about a niche you’re not super passionate about, you’re going to burn out pretty darn quickly.

Secondly, having a specific niche is probably going to help you grow faster.

Back in the day (2002-2012) blogging was still relatively new and hadn’t been over saturated yet. There was a ton opportunity for all sorts of bloggers, including non-specific lifestyle bloggers!

And yes, you definitely CAN still become successful as a blogger without a specific niche, but you’re going to have a LOT of competition!

If you decide to pick a really specific blog niche, you’ll be able to hone in on your audience and you’ll know exactly where to advertise your niche content. Cool?

Ok, so now that we know WHY we should pick a blogging niche, let’s look at some super fun (and profitable) blog niches ideas you can jump into right away!


1. Weight loss for men/women
2. Specific workout programs (summer bikini, booty gains, etc.)
3. Healthy dieting
4. Your personal journey losing weight/getting fit/working out
5. Gym routines or workout guides


6. Recipes for specific cultural cooking
7. Dinner recipes in under 30 minutes
8. Your journey trying Keto/Plant based/Paleo
9. Cooking with strange or unique ingredients
10. Smoothie or juice recipes


11. Unique ways to make money/side hustles
12. How to get out of debt
13. How to coupon and find deals to save money
14. Your journey trying to save for “XYZ”
15. Money/budgeting hacks
16. Budgeting for a family of 5


17. Mommy blog
18. How to make kids eat healthier
19. Worksheets or homework printables for kids
20. Craft + DIY ideas for kids
21. Teaching kids to cook or kid-friendly recipes


22. DIY furniture restoration or building your own furniture
23. Interior design trends
24. Colour palettes and how to design around them
25. Unusual homes or tiny homes
26. Room inspiration/design


27. Thrift fashion
28. Outfits under $50
29. Men’s casual fashion
30. What women can wear to work
31. Hairstyle blog


32. Your day-to-day life (personal blog or vlog)
33. Living as a college student
34. Your pets
35. How to be happy: Motivation and inspiration
36. Bucket list blog


37. Tech accessory reviews
38. Makeup reviews
39. Workout gear reviews
40. Restaurant reviews


41. Hotel reviews
42. Best destinations under $1000
43. Best places to travel down south
44. Cruise guide
45. Following backpacking adventures
46. Packing lists (fashion+accessories) for every type of vacation


47. Web design
48. Coaching
49. Virtual assistant
50. Graphic design

Are you ready to start your blog yet?! Let’s do this!

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