4 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Know How To Do

Becoming an entrepreneur is easy. Becoming a SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur is a different story!

If your small biz or blog isn’t doing as well as you’ve dreamed of, don’t worry, we can get a handle on it!

Whether you have limiting beliefs about money, fears, or a lack of support from family and friends, it doesn’t mean you won’t be successful.

BUT, there are some major skills you need to develop before you can take your business to the next level.

And whether you’re trying to start a blog, build a service based business, or open up a store in your community, the same principles of entrepreneurship apply!

Just like hard skills can be learned, with practice and patience, the 4 things entrepreneurs should master can be learned also.

So let’s look at the 4 things successful entrepreneurs have already mastered!

1. Take risks

Everyone knows that being an entrepreneur comes with a certain set of risks. Will your business succeed? Will you be able to find clients? Can you make a steady income month-to-month?

There are a MILLION questions new entrepreneurs have to ask themselves.

But these questions don’t stop them from moving forward, jumping in, and taking the risk.

Successful entrepreneurs know that in order to win, they’ll HAVE to make mistakes along the way.

And this means that risky decisions come with the territory.

Not only do they know how to take risks, but smart business owners know how to deal with failure once it hits them.

2. Develop a yes mindset

How successful would a company be if the owner or CEO said “no” to everything?

“No, let’s not try that…”
“No, I’m not giving them that…”
“No, I’m not interested…”
“No, we don’t have time…”
“No, that’s a bad idea…”

Not very appealing, am I right?

Saying no stifles passion, creativity, and growth. And it’s no different whether you’re working in a large company or you own your own business!

Instead of saying “no, I can’t“, start saying “yes, I’ll figure it out!“.

When you start saying yes, it opens up your ingenuity and creativity as an entrepreneur.

Everything is possible and by opening up yourself up to opportunities, you’ll because more successful than you can dream of!

So what’s the motto? Say yes and figure it out as you go!

3. Take action

Does the term “analysis paralysis” sound familiar to you? It was the story of my life for YEARS!

I always took pride in being a ‘researcher’.

I would look at reviews, testimonials, pros & cons, and then I would ask everyone’s opinion before trying something new.

And sure, this can be helpful in some circumstances, in my case I was delaying projects on purpose because I wasn’t feeling comfortable or confident.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t wait for things to be perfect (because they never will be!) and they don’t wait until they feel 100% prepared, ready, and confident.

They know that the only way to build a TRULY successful business is by taking action.

And whether you’re procrastinating because you want everything to be perfect, OR because you’re second guessing your value, it all boils down to one thing: FEAR.

It’s totally ok to feel the fear, but as an entrepreneur, you need to push through an take action in spite of it!

4. Pivot

How many times have you stayed in something you KNEW was wrong? Have you ever been so determined to make something work that you push forward in for weeks, months or even YEARS longer than you should?

I’m sure we’ve all been through something similar, but the difference between successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is that the successful ones know when an idea is wrong and they’re not afraid to pivot.

They’re not afraid to admit when they’ve made a mistake, or acknowledge when something they’re not doing isn’t working, so they can quickly move onto something that DOES work!

Being prepared to truly analyze and judge your decisions sets you up to be successful quickly.

And successful entrepreneurs aren’t afraid to fail over and over again until they finally land on a solution that feels right!

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