3 Basic Email Sequences Every Blogger Needs!

If you’re a blogger (or thinking about starting a blog) you’ve probably heard how important it is to start building up your email list. 

If you want to build a brand and sell multiple products from your blog, having an email list is a HUGE asset!

The email addresses on your list is contact info you actually OWN in your blogging business. Unlike social media, you have access to your email list at all times no matter which platform you decide to use.

You have full control over how you market to your list.

In fact, I grew my first blogging business with ONLY an email list. I didn’t use any social media (mainly because I don’t enjoy social).

I just focused on getting people from my blog to my email list with a great lead magnet, and then I nurtured my list and sold products and affiliates to that audience.

So now that we know WHY we need an email list, what are you actually supposed to send people?

There are 3 basic email sequences every blogger should be using. They’re super simple and can be reused and repurposed depending on what you’re selling and what your goals are for your email list.

So let’s look at the important sequences!

1. A Welcome Sequence

Your welcome sequence is probably the most important sequence you’ll send your subscribers!

Why? Because this is the time when you’ll have the highest open rates, click through rates, and attention on your content!

Your welcome sequence is delivered as soon as a new lead opts in to a lead magnet and subscribes to your list. Most people set it up so their subscribers get one email every day for 4-7 days. 

What’s the goal of your welcome sequence?

This is when you have a new subscriber’s attention, so ideally, you want to do one of three things:

-Build authority and brand awareness for a future launch or sale
-Bring the subscriber to a separate community (ie. a Facebook group)
Sell a program, service, or affiliate product

During the welcome sequence, the goal is to have your subscribers take action either by joining another community, engaging with you and your content, or actually purchasing something you’re offering.

The best way to do this is by taking your subscribers on a journey during the welcome sequence.

Tell your story and how you achieved something. Talk about past results from clients and customers. Take your subscriber on a step-by-step journey to accomplish something. There are HUNDREDS of sequence possibilities to lead your new subscribers down a particular path!

On the last few days of the sequence (after you’ve built up trust, awareness, and authority) you can ask for a sale! It’s a really simple way to increase sales for your blog on autopilot.

2. A Nurture Sequence

Your email list (like any good relationship) needs to be nurtured! If you’re expecting your list to convert to sales, it’s important to GIVE more than you ASK.

Nurturing goes on for the life of your subscriber (so, basically, forever, or until you decide to delete them!).

Most people decide to send a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter. Some people even email their list daily! It’s totally up to you how often you want to communicate with your subscribers.

The important thing to remember about your nurture sequence (also known as broadcasts or newsletters) is that you need to be providing VALUE to your audience.

It’s not about writing whatever you want and hoping people click your link and buy. What do THEY want? What do THEY need? How can you serve THEM in a way that makes them trust you as an authority to solve their problems?

Staying consistent with your list is also a great way to build brand awareness before you even have anything to sell.

There’s nothing wrong with sending simple emails to your list even if you don’t have a specific call to action! Having that warm audience is crucial to brand-building and successful launches in the future.

3. Sales/Launch Sequence

Every blogger should have a great sales/launch sequence in their back pocket!

Whether you’re selling high-end coaching, courses, done-for-you services or affiliate products, having a sales sequence that builds trust, authority and urgency is a great way to monetize your blogging business.

You can steal my launch sequence right here by the way!

You can use the same basic sequence to sell anything! Most people run sales or launches for 5-10 days, but you can also do flash sales or weekend promotions to get a cash-injection into your business.

No matter how long you choose to run a sale or promotion, it’s important that your sales emails focus on the benefits and outcomes for the BUYER.

What’s in it for them? What results will your subscriber get if they buy what you’re selling?

Focusing on your subscribers and what THEY want is how you build a super engaged (and lucrative!) email list!

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