The Biggest Mistakes New Bloggers Make

If you’ve been a blogger for a while (or if you’re totally brand new!) I’m sure you know there’s A LOT to learn when it comes to building a profitable blogging business!

It’s so much more than just writing a few paragraphs here and there. It takes REAL strategy, consistency, and patience to start making money from a blog.

When I work with students and clients in my paid programs, I see the same mistakes over and over again (trust me, I’m guilty of making them too!).

Of course making mistakes comes with the territory, but if we can avoid some of the bigger mishaps that zap our time and energy, we can start making money a lot faster!

Let’s look at the biggest mistakes I see new bloggers making.

1. Comparing yourself to bigger bloggers

This is DEADLY! Why? Not only will comparing your NEW blog make you feel frustrated and discouraged, but it may cause you to take shortcuts or follow bad strategies!

The strategies brand new bloggers need to grow aren’t the same as the strategies people with a larger may audience use.

When you have an audience, you can be more relaxed with SEO. You can create LESS content. You have traffic on autopilot so it’s easier to make money. You have more freedom with what you can create.

On my business blog, I have a total social media following and email list of over 20,000 people. I have the freedom to create whatever content I want and promote it directly to my audience. 

I would NEVER do this on a brand new blog! But someone may look at what I’m doing and THINK they need to implement my strategies.

Please remember that as new bloggers, we need to put in the time to research, build a foundation and do the hard stuff NOW so we can create the freedom and flexibility later.

2. Being hyper-focused on editing (i.e. perfectionism!)

I used to do this ALL the time! I would spend 2 weeks writing a blog post and another 2 weeks editing it. 

I would wait until all my pages were perfectly linked and my lead magnet was in the right spot.

Now, I create a rough draft and publish before even editing!

When you’re new, the most important thing is getting the content published! Google and Pinterest take MONTHS to rank, so every day is important. And most people don’t have many readers anyway! Who cares if you have a few mistakes or you’re missing a link?

Of course I’m not saying you should create crappy content. I always edit and add links to my post within 24-48 hours of publishing them.

But it’s important to get the post out there as quickly as possible and edit AFTER!

Don’t wait until you have 4000 words. Publish at 2000 and add to it over the coming weeks. Take action as soon as possible.

And this brings me to my third mistake:

3. Launching

Launching a blog is a weird concept. Blogging gurus who recommend you have a certain number of posts before “launching” is (no offense) terrible advice.

Sometimes bloggers use the excuse of wanting to “launch” as a way of procrastinating and staying totally stuck!

What should you be doing instead? Taking action EVERY single day!

Your website should be online as QUICKLY as possible! Only have a homepage? Get it online!

Just one blog post written? Hit publish!

Don’t wait to launch to your audience because chances are, unless you have a HUGE audience, you’re not going to have many readers in the beginning. It’s not worth waiting and delaying content for things to look perfect.

Work with what you have and get it out there!

The quicker you start creating content, growing your audience and monetizing your blogging business, the quicker you’ll see returns.

4. Waiting to monetize

Speaking of seeing returns, a lot of bloggers are worried about monetizing their blogs “too early”. There’s no such thing as too early!

There’s nothing wrong with monetizing your blog from day one. In fact, I recommend all new bloggers think about a monetization plan BEFORE creating blog content.

How do you want to make money? Do you have your own product or service? Will you be using affiliates? Are you hoping to work with brands?

Decide HOW you want to generate income from your blog and use that to structure your content.

5. Not using SEO

If you’re BRAND new to blogging and online business, chances are you don’t have a huge audience (which totally makes sense!). All new bloggers start at zero.

But that means you need to be focusing on strategies that bring in organic traffic so you can boost your traffic, pageviews, and income!

So many bloggers turn to social media to boost traffic which is one of the SLOWEST ways to grow organic reach.

Instead, it’s important to look at bringing in targeted traffic through scalable methods. 

How can we do this? Through search engine optimization!

Focusing on Google AND Pinterest SEO is the best thing you can do for your new blogging business. Once you start ranking in search, your content can be found by the RIGHT people (on autopilot) for weeks and even months to come!

6. Giving up too quickly

We can’t talk about blogging and entrepreneurship without talking about patience, consistency, and dedication!

Building a profitable blog IS 100% possible, but it WON’T happen overnight (sorry!).

New bloggers need to be prepared to give their blogs at least 6-12 months of consistent effort and work. With the right strategy, you can absolutely start making money within the first 90 days, but it WON’T be a full-time income unless you’re able to sell high-ticket coaching packages or done-for-you services.

Give your blog the love it deserves and it WILL pay off! You’ll look back 12 months from now and be amazed at the traffic and income you’re making from all your hard work!

Hopefully this post helps you avoid some of the most common blogging mistakes that keep people stuck!

Happy blogging!

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