The 3 Beliefs That Are Keeping You From Success

fears holding you back from success

Have you ever wondered what sets successful people apart from everyone else? Or maybe you’ve wondered what is takes to be a successful entrepreneur in a world where it seems like there is SO much opportunity, but also so much darn failure.

How are you supposed to rise above the rest and create a thriving, successful business?

Or maybe you’re NOT an entrepreneur. What if you work at a company and want to accelerate your growth as an employee and provide as much value as you can?

And, by the way, I think it’s important to define success so we’re on the same page. Because I don’t believe success is about money.

At all.

Let’s think about successful as: happiness, and feeling a sense of purpose.

You may not make 6 figures but you may LOVE your job and wake up feeling fulfilled everyday. That would definitely fall under the category of "successful".

What if I told you the only thing holding you back from success is YOU?

It sounds totally cliche, I know. But it's cliche for a reason.

It's true.

We have so many repetitive thoughts, beliefs, and habits happening daily that we're not even aware of.

And most of us have been thinking and doing them for years (possibly our entire lives!). You may not even notice some of the self-sabotaging behaviors you bring to your job and business everyday!

So let's look at the 3 WORST beliefs you have that are keeping you from your mega-successful job, business, and life.

1. You Have Nothing Valuable to Say

Drop the mic.

We could probably end the blog post right now since this is something I’m SURE 99% of new business owners and entrepreneurs face at some point in their journey!

Starting a business is all about providing value to an audience.

The actual definition of business is “a person, partnership, or corporation engaged in commerce, manufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern”.

So as a business, you’re basically providing goods or services in exchange for money. Seems simple enough!

But where so many of us get stuck is that we don’t know how to actually VALUE the goods and services we’re providing. 

Are you a $50/hour coach or are you a $500/hour coach? Are your paintings worth $100 or $1000?

We often get stuck in a trap of thinking our products or services aren't worth very much.

But, here’s the good news: as the entrepreneur, you can set the price, but you can’t set the value. Value can only be established by the market and the consumers. 

The value of a basketball to ME is absolutely worthless! To Michael Jordan, a basketball is worth billions. 

And you may be thinking, “Wait, why is this good news?! Now I’m even more nervous!”. 

This is good news because allowing the customer to decide if what you’re offering has value forces you get out of your own way! By assuming you have nothing to offer, you’re saying no for the customer before truly knowing what they need!

And it’s actually selfish when you think about it.

You’re withholding your creativity and not offering products or services that could really help someone with a problem they have in their life!

Stop assuming you have nothing valuable to offer and start giving your customers the power to make their own choices! 

2. You Need Validation

I’ve legitimately considered starting a Validation-Seekers Anonymous group. Needing validation is one of the most harmful habits you could EVER have! 

First, if you’re constantly looking for validation for your ideas and plans, it means you don’t trust yourself and you’re lacking some serious confidence (trust me, I’ve been there!).

This does NOT do a good job of instilling confidence in your boss, coworkers, and clients, and it can make people feel really uncomfortable if they don't believe you can get the job done!

Seriously, stop asking for permission to live your life!

Second, seeking validation is just an advanced form of procrastination!

I used to run new business ideas by people who I KNEW would disagree just so I could buy myself more time and give myself permission to give up on my dreams (totally screwed up, I know!). 

When you seek validation, you're giving other people permission to tell you how to live your life. And that's a really dangerous thing to do.

Other people haven't had your experiences. They don't have your gifts and talents. They also don't have your struggles. And they're definitely not in your mind feeling your passion and fears.

Other people can only give you a subjective opinion based on THEIR experiences.

Whenever I feel like validating my ideas with family and friends, I always ask myself what answer I'm HOPING to hear. If they say no, will I be disappointed? If they say yes, will I be excited?

There's your answer. And you only needed to listen to your gut.

Is it important to seek help and advice when you're starting a new biz?


But make sure you're not confusing guidance for permission.

3. It's About YOU

When you go into Walmart, it’s not a collection of the CEO’s favorite items; it’s full of items customers need, want and BUY. It’s about providing value to the customer and listening to the demand from market

So you can’t successfully run your business like an episode of Oprah’s “favorite things” (as fun as that would be!).

You need to figure our what your customers and followers ACTUALLY want and give it to them

You may think your t-shirts and mugs are amazing, or that your coaching business is the best, but unless you’re figuring out the pain points of your audience and solving their problems in a convenient way, no one is going to buy!

And I get it, trust me.

I even do this here on my blog. Sometimes, I'll have an idea for a new blog post and I'll catch myself thinking, "hmmm, I don't think I'll write about that- no one will find that interesting!".

I'll catch myself saying no on behalf of the reader without even trying!

OR, on the contrary, I'll think I have an amazing idea for a blog article or social media post and I'll get ZERO engagement!

Of course it's disappointing, but you can't give up! You may have 10 flops before you find a gem of an idea. But once you find something that really resonates with your audience, run with it!

The only way to achieve long-term success is to build a business based on your customer, not you! Make sure everything you do and say is focused on bringing value to your audience!

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What do you guys think? Do you agree with these 3 mindset shifts you need to become successful? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

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