The 10 Elements You Need For a $10k Launch

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What thoughts come to mind when you imagine launching?

Fear? Anxiety? Frustration? Excitement?

For a lot of us (especially those of us who’ve had a BAD launch in the past!) the thought of launch a new offer feels overwhelming.

Trust me, I’ve been there! I had 3 failed launches that left me SO frustrated with launching.

Launch 1: $0

Launch 2: $0

Launch 3: $99

On my fourth launch, it all clicked into place.

I went all in, hit 5-figures with EASE, and finally figured out how to master launching in a way that feels fun and authentic!

No matter what niche you’re in, there are 10 key elements that lead to a successful launch. Let’s take a look at those right now!

1. Create a launch plan

If you want to have a $5k+ launch, it’s not a good idea to “wing it”!

Launching the right way takes planning, strategy, and a consistent marketing effort to really reap all the rewards.

So often I see people jumping into a launch without a detailed plan and it causes them to miss important deadlines, not do as much as they should be doing, or make simple mistakes that end up costing LOTS of money!

The best thing you can do is plan EVERYTHING during your launch at least 30 days in advance!

Have your sales page ready, your emails written, your lead magnet set up and a content plan for creating urgency with your audience.

If you need help coming up with a plan, download my FREE 5-Figure Launch Plan right here!

2. Drop the desperation

This is a tough one, but desperation could be costing you THOUSANDS in lost launch profit.

The worst thing you can do is plan a launch when you’re super desperate (trust me, I’ve been there!).

I used to plan launches when I really needed the money. I was in feast-or-famine mode in my business so as soon as I desperately needed cash, I would have a launch.

What’s the big deal? Launching and selling ANYTHING from desperation makes people do stupid things.

They’ll shorten the pre-launch to get money sooner, start slashing prices, make rash decisions when things don’t work out, and not be patient enough to see real rewards from their launch.

Then they become frustrated and think launches don’t work!

The best thing you can do is to plan a proper launch and give yourself a 60-day runway when you’re thinking about creating a new product.


Consistency is KEY when it comes to online business and launching!

We all know the marketers who only seem to show up on your feed and in your inbox when it’s launch time, amiright?!

Having a 5-figure launch means being consistent ALL the time and not just when you’re about to open the cart.

It’s about building authority and trust with your audience and bringing them value consistently so they begin to recognize you and your brand!

In my Signature Launch Sell Out Course, I teach all my students how to be consistent PRE AND POST launch so when they decide to open the cart for enrollment, there are people eagerly waiting to buy!

4. Talk about your offer (SELL!)

This goes without saying but it’s amazing how many people are afraid of actually selling their offers!

This was me for a long time. During  launch, I would mention my product only a handful of times and that was it. I wasn’t selling consistently and my product “pitch” at the end of my content felt like an afterthought!

When you’re launching, it’s important to talk about your offer in every single piece of content!

Be confident and proud in what you’re selling and the results you help your clients achieve!

5. Demonstrate your authority

One of the biggest reasons people end up buying your product or service is because they believe you can get them results.

But how do you make people realize you know what you’re talking about?! 

You have to demonstrate your authority and expertise in your niche. Don’t be afraid to talk about the results you’ve had. Talk about testimonials and client wins. Be confident in your product and your knowledge about the market!

Demonstrating authority goes hand-in-hand with consistent marketing.

The pre and post launch content is incredibly important for building up demand, brand awareness, and authority with your audience!

6. Stir up some pain

One of the most important things you need to do in order to have a successful launch is to create a sense of urgency in your audience.

If they don’t see any reason they need to buy your offer right now, they won’t!

So how can create this urgency?

Remind them of the cost of staying stuck! What pain is it causing your prospects to NOT fix their problem? How is it affecting their life and the people around them?

Good marketing is about reminding potential customers and clients of their pain and all the reasons they need to escape the pain and fix the problem NOW!

7. Focus your energy

Focused energy is incredibly powerful. The more hats you’re wearing and balls you’re trying to juggle, the more likely something is to drop.

This is incredibly true for your business.

Focusing all your energy on the one product or service you’re launching will do wonders for your income!

This doesn’t mean you can’t have multiple products. It just means that during your launch, the new product has priority and gets 100% of your attention.

After your launch, you can work on building an automated funnel to scale your offer so you can focus on something else.

But until then, commit to giving 100% of your focus, energy and attention on creating and launching the best offer possible!

8. Be confident

If you’re not confident in your new product or program, why should your customers be?!

Confidence is important for so many reasons.

First, it shows through in your content marketing and helps your audience feel a sense of security when they’re considering buying your program.

Being confident in yourself helps other people be confident in you as well!

Second, the more confident you are that you can get results for people, the more excited you’ll be for your new offer. The more excited you are, the more likely you’ll be to show up consistently.

Confidence is key selling out your offer and hitting a 5-figure launch!

9. Price appropriately

Pricing matters when you’re launching a new product and there’s such a thing as pricing too high AND pricing too low!

If you’re pricing too high (like WAY higher than the market), you may be setting yourself up for low sales and a failed launch.

There’s nothing wrong with pricing yourself higher than the competition, but in order to be successful, it takes time to build up authority and demonstrate WHY your products is more valuable than the competition’s.

Pricing too low doesn’t help either!

Pricing low in the hopes of getting more sales doesn’t work. Period. Not only does it make people believe there isn’t much value, but you’ll also need WAY more sales (which means a WAY larger audience!) to hit your goals!

10. Commit to going all in

If there’s one thing that will help you hit a $10k launch, it’s committing to going ALL IN!

Don’t half-ass your pre-launch content, don’t be inconsistent with your audience, and definitely don’t give up after 2-3 days of no sales!

Launching doesn’t start when the cart opens.

The BEST launches have 30-60 strategies involving pre and post launch content plans to get your audience excited!

Commit to yourself (and your audience!) that you’re going to go all in and deliver the BEST launch you possible can!

Use these 10 elements to boost your next launch and hit your 5-figure goals! Need a plan? Grab the FREE 5-Figure Launch Roadmap right HERE!

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