Are You Making These CRUCIAL Pinterest Mistakes?

pinterest marketing mistakes

It’s no secret that Pinterest is one of the BEST marketing tools for bloggers!

One of the most important things about Pinterest is that you don’t need a ton of followers to get your pins noticed!

You can use group boards, Tailwind Tribes,and now communites. Pinterest also works like a search engine so you can optimize your posts much like you would for Google.

BUT, if you’re trying to build up pageviews and get your pins noticed, there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to use Pinterest! You may be making small mistakes that are stopping your pins from getting noticed, repinned, or even going viral!

Let’s look at some serious Pinterest mistakes you might be making, and how you can correct them ASAP!

1. Your Graphics Aren’t the Right Size

If you’ve been using Pinterest for a while, you can tell right off the bat which graphics look the best when you scroll through your feed. The best performing pins have graphics that are vertical and rectangular.

The ideal size for your Pinterest graphics is 735 x 1102 px  which gives your pin a nice proportion and ratio of 2:3.

What about extra long pins?

I’ve heard lots of people say their super tall pins (also known as giraffe pins) perform really well. These are usually a ratio of 1:2 or higher. They tend to perform well because they take up a huge portion of people’s feed and basically “hog” the page as you scroll.

But, Pinterest caught onto these “feed hoggers” and they’ve now come out saying they will favor pins that follow the 2:3 rule in their algorithm.

So although you may have some luck with giraffe pins from time-to-time, it’s best to stick with anywhere from 735 – 1000 x 1102 – 1500 px following the 2:3 ratio.

2. You’re Not Doing Multiple Graphics for the Same Pin

Creating multiple graphics or images for the same pin is one of the BEST keys to success on Pinterest. And if you’re sharing on group boards or through Tailwind Tribes, it’s an absolute MUST.

If you have 20 blog posts on your website and you’re only sharing 1 image per post, your followers are going to get bored (and probably annoyed) with all the repetition!

If you create 3 graphics for each of those 20 posts, you now have 60 pieces of content you can share on Pinterest without looking like you’re spamming.

For every blog post you write, design 3-4 Pinterest pins with different titles, graphics, and styles for your audience.

Not only will you have TONS more content to share, you can see which pins perform better than others helping you develop a stronger Pinterest marketing strategy.

3. You’re Not Pinning Enough!

Ahhhh this is such a common question people have about Pinterest: how often should you pin?!

Honestly, everyone is different. If you’re blogging and pinning for leisure or a side hustle, you don’t need to be pinning any more than 10-20 times a day.

If you’re hardcore and trying to build a blogging business with thousands of pageviews, you need to pin more often.

I pin 40-50 times a day, 7 days a week!

I average 50 new followers everyday and, at the time I’m writing this, my monthly “views” on Pinterest are around 350k (and rising everyday!).

Out of those 40-50 pins, I make sure 20-25 pins are my own content.

Of course I wouldn’t be able to do this manually everyday since it would take up WAY too much time, so I started using Tailwind. It’s an absolutely incredible scheduling tool and makes my life 100 times easier! Tailwind also schedules all my Instagram content which is AMAZING.

If you’re thinking of trying it out, grab a $15 credit here!!

I schedule all my pins Sunday or Monday night for the entire week, and Tailwind takes care of the rest!

4. You’re Forgetting a Description or Link

This is a big one that I’ve been noticing lately and it’s so simple but it’s also really easy to forget!

Whenever you upload a new pin, make sure it has a detailed, keyword-rich description, along with a working link that goes back to the actual article (not your website homepage!!).

The worst part about forgetting a description in your pin is that, if somebody’s using Tailwind, they can’t schedule any post without a description. They’ll receive an error message, and more often than not, they’ll probably just delete your pin from the queue and not even bother trying to schedule it to be re-pinned.

That’s a HUGE opportunity lost! It could literally mean the difference of hundreds or THOUSANDS of views if you lose a re-pin because of a missing description or broken link.

5. You’re Not Adding Hashtags

Hashtags on Pinterest are a relatively new development, but a super cool one!

Hashtags are a GREAT way to get your pins noticed and improve visibility in Pinterest searches. Don’t forget to include them in your board descriptions as well 🙂

But, like with any social media platform- don’t overdue it! Pinterest limits the use of hashtags in sponsored posts to 1, so people aren’t quite sure what affect using too many hashtags has on the algorithm. Use your hashtags sparingly and keep them below 5-7 to be safe!

I hope this helps you learn more about Pinterest and how to maximize its’ potential!

Are you guilty of any of these Pinterest mistakes? Have you discovered some awesome tips?

Comment below! 🙂

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