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When you’re brand new to blogging, making $10 can seem daunting, let alone $1000!

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That’s exactly how I felt and for YEARS I struggled to make any money from my blogging business. I made a few dollars here and there from ads and Amazon affiliates, but it was nothing substantial (and certainly not enough to make me think blogging could be a full-time gig!

Fast forward 7 years and my blogs have been responsible for creating the incredible online business I have today!

One of the most important lessons I learned in business is that we need to take action based on where we’re at.

If you’re making $500k from your blog, your daily actions are going to look a LOT different than someone who’s making $50.

Remember to understand the season you’re in and the stepping stones to get from $0 to your first $1000 (and beyond!).

First, let’s talk about HOW to actually make money from a blog.

Everything falls into 2 different categories: monetizing the content or monetizing the people.

Monetizing the content means you’re getting paid JUST to have people click on your site and read your posts. They don’t have to do anything other than click on the post. Think of a YouTuber with ads in their videos. They’re getting paid per video view, and all we have to do as audience members is watch the video!

Two ways to monetize your content include display ads and sponsored posts.

Although these are more passive ways to monetize because you’re not requiring your audience to do anything except click on your post, they’re normally the slowest!

Ads pay anywhere from $1 – $4 CPM (per 1000 pageviews) when you’re starting out, so it takes a LOT of pageviews to hit $1000.

Sponsorships and shout-outs for brands can be quite lucrative, but it normally takes a while to build up the audience and the pageviews before brands will be willing to pay the big bucks!

So what are we left with?

Let’s look at the OTHER method of making money from a blog and that’s by monetizing the people.

Monetizing the people means you’re relying on people to take action in some way and buy a product or service. This could be an affiliate product you’re promoting OR your own products and services (courses, coaching, memberships, e-commerce, digital downloads, etc.).

Monetizing the people who visit your blog is a great way to make money quickly because you get to decide HOW you want to structure it.

Do you offer design services? Therapy? Coaching? Self-study courses? E-commerce goods like mugs and t-shirts?

No matter what you offer, you’re free to charge higher prices so you can make more money from less traffic.

That means even though 1000 visitors might worth $3 in display ads and $50 for a sponsored post, you could charge $50 for a mini-course or $2000 for a service package and potentially make a LOT more money!


Well, the average conversion rate for affiliate links and products and services being sold from blog posts is 1-2%. Even if we say 1%, that means you could potentially have 10 buyers for every 1000 visitors. A $50 affiliate commission would generate $500 in sales. A high-ticket coaching package or course could be a LOT more!

For long-term growth, look into display ads and sponsorship opportunities. For short-term growth, consider adding affiliate products and/or your own products to the mix!

The best affiliate strategy

A lot of people might wonder how the heck they can make thousands in income from affiliates when they’re starting out, especially when the usual places like Amazon and Clickbank can offer some really LOW commissions.

Don’t get me wrong, the low commissions can add up, but when you’re starting out, it’s best to have a combination of low, medium, and high affiliate offers to monetize more quickly.

Look for specific software and tools your readers need to reach a certain goal and use your blog post to sell those tools!

**hint: the more specific your audience, the easier it will be to find affiliate products and make sales.

On my blog, I was working with Bluehost, Siteground, Ultimate Bundles, Shopify, Thinkific, Kajabi, and more! All of these companies have affiliate commissions over $50 a pop. That can add up to really decent income even with low traffic on your blog.

The key is being super CLEAR about who your ideal reader is and the products they actually NEED. It’s no use selling CRM software if you’re a health coach!

What if you’re thinking about launching your own product or service?

When I first started making a full-time income from my blog, I was offering 2 things: a course for $197 and Pinterest management services for around $200 – $500 per month.

After working with students and clients and helping them build their own blogging businesses, services (graphic design, accounting, social media management, etc.) stand out as one of the quickest ways to monetize!

Because services involve one-on-one time, you’re able to charge a higher price, which means you should be able to hit $1000 from your blog pretty quickly!

BUT, that doesn’t mean you need to offer service. Plenty of people (including myself) stop offering services in favor of more passive income like courses.

What else can you do to monetize quickly?

Use a tripwire! Tripwires are one of my favorite ways to build up passive income as you grow your blog and email list.

What are they?

A tripwire is a special one-time offer a person sees AFTER they’ve subscribed to your free lead magnet.

Instead of going to a thank you page or being sent directly to the freebie, they’re hit with a simple sales page for a product that’s under $50 (the sweet spot for me is between $7-$27).

The KEY is to make sure the tripwire product is directly in line with the freebie they just signed up for!

Did you offer a short Instagram training? Create 100 done-for-you templates and captions for $17.

Was your freebie a 5-day healthy eating challenge? Offer a recipe e-book to go along with the challenge for $7.

Make your tripwire super specific and useful to the specific pain points your ideal customer has (you probably know those pain points since you’ve created a lead magnet for them!).

Why do tripwires work so well?

Instead of hoping someone clicks on a blog post and then clicks over to your sales page or affiliate link, a tripwire is a guaranteed way to get your offer in front of the RIGHT people!

You already know they’re interested in a particular topic because they’ve downloaded your freebie, and they’re already engaged and giving you their full attention at that moment!

Because of this, tripwires can convert as high as 15%! And that’s great news for new bloggers who don’t have a ton of traffic coming in yet!

Turning readers into buyers

None of these strategies work if you’re not attracting the RIGHT audience through your free blog content.

This is why having a specific niche is SO important.

Each piece of content you share on your blog should be something your ideal customer, client, or reader needs.

If you share a post about parenting one day and blogging the next, your audience will be confused and you’ll be unsure of how your paid products and affiliates can help them.

Instead, create content based around what your ideal readers:

  • need,
  • want, and
  • struggle with

When I was offering Pinterest management services, ALL my posts were centered around:

  • growing blog traffic,
  • using Pinterest effectively, and
  • social media marketing

…because I knew my ideal clients had a desire to learn those things!

I hope these tips help you monetize quickly and hit your first $1k in your blogging business!

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