How to Provide TONS of Value When You Blog in a Cluttered Niche

For anyone looking to sell their products or services online, creating value for your customers and clients is going to be NUMBER 1. Without offering something valuable, how can people justify giving away their hard earned money?!

Setting yourself apart by clearly defining your value is going to be a top priority. Whether you’re a blogger, virtual assistant, writer, web designer or affiliate marketer, no one will grow to trust you and buy into your brand unless they feel you offer exceptional value.

First, let’s look at how we define PRICE VS. VALUE.

Price is defined as, “the amount of money expected, required, or given in payment for something.”. Pretty straight forward.

Now value, on the other hand, is defined as, “the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.”. (Thank you!)

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming when they buy something, the price they’re paying will be equal to the value they’re getting.

NOT the case!!!

Just because something is uber expensive, it doesn’t mean it will be uber valuable to you! And just because something is really cheap, it doesn’t mean it sucks!

How many times have you bought something fancy and new only to be disappointed? OR how many times have you been impressed with a cheap “throwaway” purchase?

It happens all the time!

Last week, my phone was completely dead – I couldn’t find any charging cables and my car charger had snapped in half! I needed a quick fix so I ran to the dollar store nearby looking for a charger. I found a cable and charger for $15 and bought it without a second thought.

Now looking back, $15 was WAY more than I expected to pay at a dollar store. Would I go back and buy that cheapo charger now just to have a backup? No way! Now that my phone is fully charged, the value of that charger went WAY down and I can’t really justify the price.

There is no such thing as value being equal to the price you pay. Either value outweighs price  and you buy something, or price outweighs value and you don’t!

So how does this affect you in your blogging and biz life?

The truth is… value changes from person to person. And not only that, value changes in each person by the year, month, or even day. This is why you should NEVER be afraid to offer your products or services at the price you feel you deserve.

Just because someone sees no value in it today, that doesn’t mean they won’t be back to buy your services tomorrow.

Your readers feel the same way about your products and services as I did when I bought that $15 charger. I needed the charger to stay in contact with the world, keep up with my work and reduce my anxiety about potentially missing something important.

So think of value as the glue or the backbone of your business: it is the reason your clients trust you and come to you in the first place!

Value has nothing to do with price!

Well not NOTHING, but pretty much nothing!

You set the price, but your customer determines the value.

No matter what you’re trying to sell, your magic formula will be when your value outweighs your price.

You may come across a blogger selling their course on how to use Pinterest for $300, $500 or even $800 dollars and think “What! That’s nuts!” What’s even more nuts, you think, is that they’re actually getting sales.


This is because they’re doing a great job of proving to customers the value they provide. You may not need an in depth course on Pinterest, but someone else who has spent weeks or even months researching Pinterest analytics and trying to grow their audience will look at the course completely differently!

They will see a lifeline to help them grow their business. A one-stop-shop for all their Pinterest marketing needs which could save them TONS of time and money in the future. All of a sudden, $500 doesn’t seem so crazy.

All because the blogger has shown exactly what this course can do to improve the lives of the people who sign up. The value outweighs the price.

What is your work giving to your readers? What problem are you solving for them? Maybe you have a course that will help them grow their social media.

Or maybe you’re offering your services as a Virtual Assistant. What could that do for your customers?

At the end of the day, it’s not about the product you’re selling, it’s about the gift you can give to your customers and clients.

What are some signs that you haven’t shown your readers & customers your value?

  • People aren’t buying your stuff!

  • People are dropping off

  • Your website traffic is NIL

  • No one is signing up for your email list

  • People don’t trust you

If any of these things are happening to you, it could be a value problem. Let’s figure out what we can do about it!

Take a look at the 4 main types of value and figure out which one aligns with your business.

The Action Taker (services)

The Action Taker is the person who provides services for a fee. This person actually does the work for someone else whether it be on a continual basis (a virtual assistant) or on a contractual basis (website designer, ghost writer, etc.).

The Designer (products)

The Designer is the person who sells his or her own products online. This person isn’t offering their time or services, but instead is involved in the development and creation of a product for sale. This could include an eBook, course, webinar or information guide.

The Connector (marketing)

The Connector is helping to spread the word about other people’s products or services. This includes most affiliates who test products for people or advertise anything from food and supplements to particular courses or books.

The Giver (information)

The Giver is a unique combination of all types of value. This person offers a ton of information to their audience for free and because of this, they may be asked to guest post, advertise, become an affiliate or help design a product. They don’t offer a product or service of their own, but instead focus on gaining a following and building a brand through providing free information.

Most bloggers who are just starting out and not focused on making an income will fall under this category.

It’s really easy to figure out your “value type” but it’s also super important to keep this in mind as your grow your business and start to develop new products.

How do you make sure you are offering VALUE?

Narrow your niche

This is a topic that is debated constantly!! Having a blog or business without a niche or clear focus is totally okay, and it may work for some people some of the time, but I believe if you want to seriously grow a business, you need to get serious and nail down your niche!

You need to make sure you’re targeting the right audience and the right people are coming to your online biz. If not, your engagement will be low and your sales will be even lower. Don’t be afraid to hone in and get specific with your audience! A person looking for healthy recipes isn’t going to find value in a blog post about your trip to Disneyland last month. Give them what they want!

Listen to your audience

This is huge. Your audience is your business and it’s important to keep them happy. Reach out to them and ask what they need help with. Go over potential products or service ideas with them and take a vote. Stay engaged.

If you don’t have an audience, that’s ok too! Check out what’s trending in your niche through Google or social media. Go on Pinterest and look at popular pins and “suggestions” Pinterest gives you in the search bar. This is a great way of staying up to date with the needs of your audience!

Write a clear value proposition

Having a value proposition is a MUST. If you Google value proposition, you’ll come up with a pretty straightforward definition: “an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers.”. So, basically, why your product or service is valuable to your clients.

Your value proposition should include information about what problem you’re solving for your clients, how you will improve their lives & businesses and why your product/service is the best choice.

Here is an AWESOME example of a value proposition in action from MailChimp. It tells you what, how and why in 2 simple sentences.

Sell the problem you solve, NOT your product

So you have a specific audience, you know their needs & frustrations and you have a kick butt value proposition for your product or service. Now it’s time to SELL. And I know a lot of us think of “selling” as skeezy or dishonest, but if you have the right approach, it shouldn’t feel this way at all!

Whether you’re selling an eBook or your website design services, talk about what you’re giving to your clients, not what you’re putting in. Everyone wants to know what’s in it for them, not you!

So instead of saying, “I work day and night to help my clients automate their websites and keep them happy!“.

Try saying, “I take away the stress and time of building a website so my clients can focus on more important things in their businesses!“.

Or imagine you’re selling an eBook. Try to avoid lines like, “I put together 200 pages over 6 months to create an awesome eBook!”

Instead say,200 pages packed full of amazing content to help you grow an incredible website in half the time!”.

I hope these little tips will help you create value in your blog & business!

What do you think? Have you found it easy or difficult to show your value to your readers? Let me know! 🙂

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