How to Write an Email Launch Sequence That Converts

Are you ready to launch a service, coaching program, or online course? Launching can feel totally overwhelming and there are a TON of moving parts!

Being organized and making sure your launch runs smoothly is crucial for success (but don’t worry, it’s never perfect!). Before launching, you need to figure out:

when to start the pre-launch,
how many social posts you want to do,
open and close cart dates,
how to set up your cart and payment gateways,
how to create urgency and scarcity, and
how to create a converting email sequence for your list!

Phew. It’s a lot to learn and get organized for launch day. And, by the way, if you’re looking for the most important elements every launch needs to have, check out this post here.

So when it comes to email marketing, what exactly should you send your list during a launch? And how often should you be reaching out?

After you’ve finished your pre-launch (20-30 days of building anticipation, authority, and excitement) it’s best to send your list at least 5-7 emails during your actual cart open period.

What should that look like? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

I’m going to show you exactly what I send my email list during a product launch to hit 4 and 5-figures EVERY time.

What is the main goal of a good email launch sequence?

There are three key elements to any good launch strategy (and business building strategy!).

First, your content needs to build trust. It’s so important that your audience believes 1. you understand where they are and what they want to accomplish, and 2. you can actually help them achieve what they’re trying to achieve!

Second, your launch content should build authority. Your audience needs to see that you know what you’re talking about and they can trust you with their money!

Lastly, your content needs to create elements of scarcity and urgency. Your audience needs to have a reason to buy!

You can create urgency by closing the doors to your program, offering time-sensitive bonuses, or giving special early bird discounts.

This email sequence delivers all these crucial elements to help you have a super successful launch!

Who do these launch emails work for?

Anyone! They work for bloggers selling digital products and courses, coaches, and even ecommerce stores! 

Obviously you can tweak this sequence depending on your niche and particular audience, but the basic outline works pretty darn well.

Let’s get into it!

Email 1: The Identifier + Introduction

The first email is all about identifying: identify what the problem is and make it very clear what the symptoms of the problem are IF your audience has it.

You want the audience to identify with the problem and immediately think, “this is me!”, “he/she totally gets me!”, “I’m so glad I’m not alone!”. Then, introduce your program as the solution to the problem.

Example: Do you ever feel like (insert pain point)?
Does this sound familiar (talk about “symptoms”)?

Email 2: The Nitty-Gritty (Logical Sell)

This email is all about giving specific details of the offer.

Walk your audience through the process (week 1, week 2, etc.) and outline the specific goals or objectives they’ll be able to achieve along the way. Talk about the benefits and how their life will look after finishing your service/course/program.

Save the specifics of the offer for this email.

Example: By the end of week one, you’ll know exactly how to (insert outcome)….

Email 3: The In/Out Sort

This email is designed to be polarizing since you need to be very clear about who IS a great fit for your offer and who isn’t. Be very clear about who needs to get on board and how it can change their life, and who SHOULDN’T invest in your offer and why.

Example: You NEED this program if (insert pain points)…
This program isn’t right for you if (give example of someone who wouldn’t benefit from your offer)

Email 4: Testimonials/Case Studies

This email is all about showing off your results! Talk about clients or customers who’ve seen success with your program. The key is showing where these customers started (ideally exactly where your prospect is NOW) and how they were able to end up at point B (where your prospect desires to be).

This email is about bridging the gap and showing the prospect that it’s possible to reach their goals.

Example: (Client name) was EXACTLY where you are right now….
Worried about (insert objection)? So was (client name) but here is what he was able to achive…

Email 5: The Cost

This email highlights the urgency to take action by focusing on the cost of NOT taking action. What has your prospect already missed out on?

How much money/time have they lost? What will they continue to lose? Be careful not to to manipulate or prey on people’s vulnerabilities. Stay honest, genuine and sincere.

Example: What will your life look like if you don’t take action?
How much time will you waste trying to figure it out on your own?

Email 6: Overcoming objections/FAQs

This email involves anticipating your biggest objections and addressing them through FAQs and/or testimonials. It’s the easiest way to speak to your entire audience and answer some of the biggest questions and objections of people that may be too afraid to ask.

Example: Worried about the cost? Here’s a simple payment plan option.
Not sure if it’s right for you? There’s a refund policy.

Email 7: Last chance

This email is simply a reminder to get in on the offer before the cart closes. Focus on what the prospect can achieve and how their life will change, NOT the actual specifics of the offer.

Example: Doors are closing!
Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Last chance to get in on this AMAZING offer!

Hopefully this shows you exactly how to write an email launch sequence that converts into loads of sales for your next online offer!

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