How to Create a Resource Library Opt-In Using WordPress

First things first, happy Monday!!!  I’m already up and about at 6am working on my WordPress site.


I decided to write a post today about how to create the perfect opt-in for your email subscribers. There are tons of different opt-in incentives to offer your customers, but I’ve had the most success by creating a resource library on my WordPress blog.


If you’re building a blog right now and looking to turn it into a business, you NEED to have some kind of opt-in so your readers can subscribe using their email addresses. Some people are still use the good old “Sign up to be notified of new posts!” which is great, but in a world crowded with blogs, you may want to offer a little something extra so your readers feel they’re really getting VALUE from giving you their email address.

So, what are some other options you can use for an opt-in incentive? EBooks are super popular but they can take some major time to create. Not only do you need to spend time developing the content, but they also need to be styled and formatted beautifully.

Some people use “extra content” as their incentive asking readers to sign up to get a more in depth look at a particular blog post topic. This can also be a great way to grab emails, but it may be too specific for some readers and not offer enough incentive when there is so much free info out there already.

For my opt-in incentive here on Mint Glow, I decided to switch from the traditional “sign up to be notified about new posts” strategy to a free resource library people can have unlimited access to. I did this for 2 reasons:

1. I can offer as much content as I’d like on my resource page

2. I offer people a link to come back and visit the site whenever they feel like it

3. It’s super easy to create and maintain

As soon as I introduced this style of opt-in, I started to see a serious difference in my amount of email subscribers.

I’m going to go over a mini tutorial of how to make your own resource page in a flash! I’m not kidding, it’s literally the easiest thing EVER to design your own  resource library and I promise, it will look super professional!

So let’s get started!

1. Create Content

This is probably the most difficult step because you have to put time into creating something valuable for your readers! There are a ton of options from printables, checklists, planners or resource documents, and you can create your download using any medium. I personally use Canva, but you can use ANYTHING: Word, Adobe, PicMonkey, Paint etc.

The most important thing is to make sure you save it as a PDF so people will be able to download it right off the page. After you have your freebie saved as a PDF, design a separate graphic as the “link” people will click to download the PDF. This isn’t 100% necessary, but it looks much better being able to click an image as opposed to a simple text link on the page. As an example, I made a test PDF in Canva that is going to be our special freebie:

 But on the resource page, I want it to look like this:  

Now that we have our content, let’s get started building the page!

2. Create Page

Once you have your content finished, we have to actually make the WordPress page (or pages) that will hold your resource library. Go ahead and go to “Pages” and “add new” on your WordPress dash, and from there, you’re going to click “Add Media” to upload your PDF freebie onto the page. Then, upload your separate graphic to link your PDF (just to make it look a little prettier!).

Once your page looks the way you like, you want to make sure it stays hidden from indexing since the only people who should be viewing the page are people who signed up to be on the email list! I use the Yoast plugin which makes it super easy to make these changes to any page. Just scroll down to Yoast SEO and under settings, you will find meta robot info. Set to “nofollow” and “noindex“.

3. Publish

That’s it! Hit publish and you’re good to go! Your page will not show up on your site and it will not be indexed so no one will accidentally stumble across it. (Double check to make sure it’s not being included as part of your menu. If it is, no big deal, just change it under “Menus”.)

The only way your new page can be accessed is directly through the link, so once people subscribe, shoot them an email with the link and they can use it as often as they’d like. How easy was that?!

I hope this helped you guys put together a sweet WordPsess resource library for your blog! What do you think? Any other cool ideas for an opt in? Let me know!

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