55 Blog Post Ideas to Use When You’re Feeling Stuck

blog post ideas

Need to get those creative juices flowing? Trying to come up with new blog post ideas?

We can all get into the “creative slump” or suffer from writer’s block from time-to-time, and that’s totally normal! I find I have days where I am really motivated and have tons of ideas, and other days where I sit and stare at a blank screen for what feels like forever.

It can be really helpful to have a resource guide to spark some ideas and get out of that impossible brain fog.

When you’re creating a blog, it’s always a good idea to have a post schedule so you’re not stuck without knowing what to do.

The key to treating your blog like a business is staying organized, being consistent, and planning out your blogging schedule & blog post ideas weeks (and even months!) in advance. It’s a good idea to include a variety of posts to keep it interesting.

First, let’s take a look at the different categories blog posts fall into.

Types of Blog Post Ideas

  1. Personal Experience Post

    For many bloggers, the personal experience post can be one of the easiest and fastest posts to write. Personally, this is my favorite style because I LOVE learning how people feel about certain topics. Here you would see titles like,  “How I Sold My Blog for $50,000 Profit” or  “My Battle with Writer’s Block”.

    This is also a way for people to write about their own blogs, income reports, success stories, failures, and lessons to learn from.

    A key point to remember when writing personal experience points: make it helpful to the reader. Explain how the person reading your post can benefit from your experiences and mistakes. 

  2. Informational Post

    These posts are really common now, especially with the growing popularity of list posts.  You can make informational posts either long and detailed, or short and straight to the point. Here you would see titles like,   “25 Ways to Save Money”   or   “Best WordPress Themes for Bloggers“.  These posts often require the most research and take the most time, but they can also draw a ton of a traffic your way if you take the time to write them well!

  3. Opinion Post

    The opinion post is similar to the informational post, but instead you’re putting your own spin on it. Here you would see titles like, ” Why I Think Winter Sucks”  or  “Why You Shouldn’t Eat Meat”. This style of post allows you to get a bit more personal and share your opinion with your readers. There is nothing wrong with being a little controversial and sparking some conversation about your topic. Sometimes, it can be nice to break from the conventional information dump post and read something more thought-provoking.

  4. Review Post

    The review post is a combination of opinion, personal experience and informational. Depending on what you’re reviewing, this post can be HUGELY helpful for your readers. Here you would have titles like,  “Product ABC – Helpful or Harmful”  or  “Top 3 Diet Books to Read”. These posts are extremely specific and detailed telling your readers exactly what you think, experienced, or loved and hated about a specific service or product. If you end up writing a great review post, you may even be sponsored by the company you’re writing about! Word of warning- this can be a slippery slope if you’re not always be honest in these posts. Don’t recommend a product or service you haven’t used and definitely don’t lie about your experience- people will see right through this and you will lose their trust! Focus on things you love and stand behind 100%.

  5. Instructional Post

    Instructional posts are always a popular choice because people know exactly what they’re getting when they click on your article. Pus, there are tons of blog post ideas available when writing in this style!

    Here, you may see titles like,  “How to Start a WordPress Blog”  or  “How to Make a DIY Christmas Wreath”.

    This is where your knowledge about your topic or niche will really shine through. These posts tend to get a lot of hits because they are very specific and that is often what people are searching for.

    But what if you don’t feel knowledgeable enough to create this kind of post?  This is a really common problem bloggers have. Even if you don’t know everything about your topic, you can learn! You’re creating this content so other people don’t have to put in the same time and research that you did. There is NO topic that can’t be researched and learned if you put in the effort. Instructional posts are a great way to help people, and the better the post, the more likely your readers are to share!

  6. Series Post

    Series posts are always a great way to keep consistent content coming on your blog. You can set your own schedule, either daily, weekly, or monthly to post articles all relating to the same subject. Here you may see something like,  “30 Days to Build a Blog”  or   “52 Weeks of Healthy Home Cooked Meals”.  Not only does this keep bloggers consistent, but it engages your readers and keeps them coming back for more. You can start a challenge with your followers or create freebies and give them away once a week for loyal readers.

  7. Guest Post

    Featuring a guest post on your blog keeps things interesting for your readers. It’s a great way to get some new perspective when you’re feeling stuck and need some fresh blog post ideas for your audience.

    Not only that, but it’s a good way for publicity for both you and the person who writes the post. If you can’t afford to pay someone for their post, see what kind of deal you can work out. Maybe offer them freebies or services. Or maybe you have a good following of readers and the publicity is enough. Lastly, try setting up a schedule with other bloggers so you’re all consistent and guest post for each other.

  8. Interview Post

    I LOVE reading interview posts. It’s a great way to get into the mind of someone you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to talk to. It’s also an awesome treat for readers to hear from someone respected in their niche! But, what if you’re a new blogger? Do an interview with yourself and invite your readers to join in! Ask yourself a series of questions about your topic and answer as if you’re being interviewed. Then, ask your readers to join in and give their own answers. You can leave it open ended for comments or take all the information you get and create another informational post from their answers!

  9. Media Post (Infographics, videos, sound bytes)

    It’s always good to include media posts on your blog because this kind of content is super shareable! It’s no secret that people are very visual and prefer reading content with visual “breaks” – pictures, infographics, videos, etc. It’s also really easy to embed this content.

    You can design an entire post around an infographic you find, or you can take a little more time and create your own! Be sure to put (Infographic) at the end of your post titles so people searching for infographics on Pinterest or Google will know to click on your post. Don’t know where to look? See my post on free blogging tools here.

So, you’ve decided on the type of post you want to write, but you’re not sure about the title. Remember some key points about titles:

  1.  Include your keyword(s).
  2.  Be clear! The reader should know exactly what your post is about before clicking.
  3.  Keep them short. SEO improves for titles between 50-60 characters.
  4.  Include a strong adjective to increase the likelihood of getting clicks.
  5.  Make sure your title flows with the article. Test out different ones- say them out loud, preview your post, and see how they look.

Here are some potential blog post ideas to get those creative juices flowing!

Blog post ideas

After writing a kick-butt blog post, you want your title to be just as awesome so you’ll get people wanting to actually click and read your article!

Including strong adjectives makes a big difference on the impression of your readers when they see the title.

“Resource Guide For Blog Post Ideas” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “The ULTIMATE Resource Guide for Coming up With Blog Post Ideas”. Which would you be more like to click on? This little extra can really set you apart from the hundreds of similar posts out there!

Most times, you will only have 5-10 words to make a strong enough impression on readers to click your post. If you’re title isn’t creating mystery, excitement, or full confidence in someone casually scrolling through a Pinterest feed , for example, they aren’t going to think twice!

Feeling stuck? Check out some fabulous adjectives here and update those titles ASAP!

blog post ideas

Any other ideas for coming up with blog post ideas when you’re feeling stuck? Leave a comment below! 🙂

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